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Could free distribution be an option for community newspapers?

Here is a common scenario, using a fictitious newspaper as an example. The Belleville Bugle is a high-quality weekly that has served its community for more than 100 years. The town the Bugle serves is prosperous. Households have more than doubled over the past 30 years. There is new industry. Belleville is also a bedroom

The readers we have vs. the readers we want: a circulation dilemma

One of the dilemmas faced by any medium is the extent to which journalists give readers what they want – no matter what that is. So do we cater to the needs of the readers we have, or do we try to include content that reaches the readers we want?  And if we do that,

Newsletters are hot, and they can be a great tool for community newspapers

Newsletters are one of the oldest forms of communication in journalism. They even pre-date newspapers, with the first newsletter coming out in 1538.  The first American newspaper to publish a second edition started its life as the Boston News-letter. They have increased and decreased in popularity over the years, but everything that’s old is indeed

Survey says: Readers love their community newspapers

So now the readers of NNA’s latest survey know what any community journalists have always known: Our readers think we’re doing a good job and almost three-quarters of them read us regularly. What other industry can make such claims? Three-quarters of the people who live in towns served by community papers don’t shop regularly at

Small daily in Oklahoma defies circulation trends

We’re in the middle of a recession and unemployment is up and circulation is down.  But in Claremore, Okla., one small daily’s circulation is up almost 10 percent.  Publisher Bailey Dabney of the Claremore Daily Progress thinks lots of newspapers have lost circulation because they expect to do so. Here’s a quote from the article: 

Readers share their papers with more than two additional readers

A new National Newspaper Association survey has yielded some results that will be useful for advertising salespeople who are selling the value of a community newspaper ad buy. Here are the stats you will want to pass along to your salespeople: – On average, readers share their paper with 2.36 additional readers. – Nearly 40

Something for your ad sales reps

Check out this handout from NAA that details what the organization considers 10 truths about newspaper circulation. The interpretation of some of their points will be debated, but this one-page handout will make a great addition to advertising pitch books — it basically gives the reasons why newspapers are still a great buy for advertisers,

Audit Bureau of Circulations creating service for community newspapers

Editor & Publisher reports that the Audit Bureau of Circulations will begin offering a new service for community newspapers, assuming the ABC board officially approves it. The new service is expected to appeal to community newspaper publishers with lower rates and a simplified auditing process.