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A community journalism response to the ‘fake news’ phenomenon

In a challenging environment with fewer resources, greater vulnerabilities and increasing attacks from politicians and the politically motivated, how should news organizations respond? One editor-publisher’s approach — a calm, respectful but strong defense of journalism and its essential role in democracy — seems to work. Brian Hunt, editor and publisher of the Walla Walla (Wash.)

Fake news: Nothing new in the history of journalism

Fake news is nothing new.  When people talk about it on the internet and social media, they treat it like it’s society’s newest trend.  But that’s far from the truth. Fake news is as old as … wait for it … the story of the birth of Jesus. But let’s start with the definition of

It’s open season on journalists, and that’s bad news for everybody

(Editor’s note:  Randall King is a former professional journalist who now teaches at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana.  This blog is used by permission of the Indianapolis Star, where it appeared earlier this month.) I don’t know who will win the presidential race this November, but I know who has already lost 2016: the